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Whats new?
29-Jan-2013, RAISE Developer:
  • New SMS-sender version 11.0 is released today. this supports sending SMS with any mobile, Udaan and sancharnet.
29-Aug-2012, RAISE Administrator:
  • New patch 10.1 is released. optional update for Exchange-reader.exe and Raise-client.exe. for more details see downloads
13-Jul-2012, Raise Administrator:
  • New patch version 10.0 is released Update both Exchange-Reader.exe and Raise-Client.exe Use Raise-Manager for easy & auto updation As the new patch resolves so many reported issues. all the data in the website will be deleted. hence verify your data after updation
What is RAISE?
Raise logo Traditionally telecommunication service providers have installed independent hardware equipments at different locations for delivering telecom services. For example hardware equipment like Electronic switches which are installed at first floor of a building are dependent on other equipments like OFC transmission system installed at ground floor of the same building etc., for providing services. To provide interrupt-free service individual telecom equipment operational parameters has to be monitored regularly and separately, failure of which causes a denial of service to its customers and also revenue loss to the service provider. In the event of failure all this alarms’ are to be aggregated at a central place to trace out the original fault. This not only increases the restoration time but also reduces service provider revenue.
            A further challenge to overcome and ensure good quality of service to the customer’s a low-cost reliable and redundant software environment named RAISE (Real-time Applications Innovative Software Environment) was developed to monitor all the alarms in online with individual equipments centrally.


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